Father: Mike, age 42
Son: Evan, age 8Mother: Mary, age 79
Daughter: Sarah, age 45Father: Walter, age 84
Son: Andy, age 50Mother: Bernadette, age 47
Son: Alec, age 14Father: Russell, age 77
Son: Greg, age 46
The FamilyTree portrait visually maps the genetic characteristics we inherit from our parents and demonstrates how some aspects of our futures were codified at the moment of conception. This composite photograph could be viewed as an eerie life-map.

I have chosen to use facial resemblance to explore the connection between family members and to reflect on the notion of individual identity in the face of such connection. Families discuss endlessly whether a new baby resembles his or her mother, father, or grandmother because physical resemblance is the most striking and primary evidence of a genetic connection. Even underlying traits – such as propensity to disease, athletic prowess, intellect, and our outlook on life – may be intimated from the glow of our skin, creases of our smile lines, or intensity of our gaze.

BOBBY NEEL ADAMS was born in Black Mountain, North Carolina, and presently resides in New York. He has exhibited worldwide and his photographs are in the collections of: International Center for Photograhpy, NY, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Station Museum, diRosa Foundation, and the Norton Family Foundation to name a few. Adams has received grants and awards from the Aaron Siskind Foundation, LEF Foundation, MacDowell Art Colony and the Hermitage. Adams is currently working on two series of photographs Close To The Ground and DROWNED. See more of his work at