Memento Mori

Sometimes there is music
In the well-tended churchyard.
Victorians below stir in their sleep.
Some only knew childhood,
Then they were no more.
But not for ever now.

We find an inventory of disease:
Typhus, cholera, consumption.
Or there was childbirth…

The pattern of stars we see
Are theirs also. So, too,
The seasonal shifts of earth
We share with them.

History is waxwork,
But on this common ground
Are lives of many kinds,
Falling as water on stone
Where something thoughtful is written:

And in the Beginning
There was Everything

GEOFFREY HEPTONSTALL is a Contributing Writer at Contemporary Review and
Founder of Cambridge Café Lit. His work has also been published in The Bow Wow
Shop, Britannica, Cerise Press, Encounter, English, Fire, The London Magazine,
New Humanist, Panurge, Poetry Nation Review, Poetry Monthly, Punch, The Reader,
Staple and The TLS.  A collection of essays is available on-line from Questia.

His broadcasting experience includes writing a number of BBC radio drama features.
He has worked in theatre, academic publishing and in bookshops. His teaching
experience includes Anglia Ruskin University, Holyrood School, the Open College and
the WEA. He lives in Cambridge where he founded Café Lit. Awards include two Arts
Council bursaries.