Three Poems
KIT FRICK is currently studying in the MFA program in Creative Writing at Syracuse University. She has poems recently published in or forthcoming from CutBank; PANK magazine; Foothill; Georgetown Review; No, Dear; Stone Canoe; Jellyfish; and elsewhere. Kit is a Poetry Editor for Salt Hill Journal and is an Associate Editor for Black Lawrence Press, where she edits the small press newsletter Sapling.

Begin in a canyon, the grander the better. You must survey the terrain. Around and also up. The walls impossibly tall, then lidded by sky. Claim the airspace. Claim it eponymously. You must articulate. The voice the vehicle, missiled heavenward. Go on, shout it. Then stand back to catch the ricochet. Claire-space space ace ace ace. The sound rackets around but also inside. Feel it in the chest, feet, gut. Your name was meant for ricochet. Your name was meant for ricochet.

The conclusion foregone: you’d arrive at the brink. The proverbial end of the line. You’ve exhibited the telltale signs: an aversion to banal conclusions, a refusal to coddle. An odd fondness for the peninsular. (On the verge, on the bound.)  Now that you’ve arrived, arrange a junket. Invite the VIPs: Plath, Ginsberg, Crane. They’ve been here before, these masters of the game. Solicit their confidence, do your best Nellie Bly. Ask the important questions: how to escape the manacles. How to evade the catapult (into crazy, into too little too late). The tricks of the trade. But Ginsberg swears, “I’m hardly the expert!” and Crane chides, “don’t go aping me!” Deep disappointment, deepest sigh. The corollary: You must bring them to the brewhouse. Plath, Ginsberg, Crane. Buy the first round. Save the threshold for another day.

The house must be empty and on the water. The point is to be alone. What scale of measure? Say alone weighs this much. Treat the house as a new lover. Spend time with the tiling, indulge the windowsills. What’s the measure of discover? Take pictures. This your lover’s face. How much does it weigh? Your chest waiting, receiver.

When the sun is just beginning to set, walk out to the dock and listen. What’s the frequency, Kenneth? To be very alone. While the sun completes its slow migration back into the Sound, spin and re-spin the radio dial until nothing but pure blue noise.
Phenomena wherein the
portion of the moon not
directly illuminated by
sunlight is indirectly
brightened by light already
reflected off Earth’s surface.
A reflected reflection. A
whiter shade of pale.
“Mare Marginis,”
located on the moon’s far
eastern periphery. Surely
you’ve been here before.
Famed site of the Apollo
11 moon landing in
1969, “Mare
Tranquillitatis” was also
the 1965 crash site of the
Ranger 8 following its
transmission of 7,137
lunar photographs to
Earth. What’s the weight
of a memory made by