PotenteJerryFifty-twoFifty two (detail)Affairs of the Heart

A stubborn resistance culminates from the past life of iron.
Metals, once performing a true function, are eventually discarded-
simply abandoned...left out to go to seed; like elders, tucked away in rest
homes. Metal, left to "go away" in a hushed,
look-the-other way fashion.

Sans original function, metal becomes a new statement.
For this reason, parts are chosen for reasons:
A line, form, particular shape, texture, past life history, or for the purpose of
its finish.

Soon, parts will converge to engage space; no longer flat and

Human energy, thrusts and forces juxtaposed segments to revive:
form emerges-the resurrection of metallic life!

Endless ideas melt, infuse and ignite... With sparks flying, the metal,
ground out on modern equipment; is now part of a high tech invasion of
has-been history.

Some simple strength yields new visual augmentation.
Carefully selected parts and pieces are launched, silently,
into a metallic rebirth.

The new form is intentional. It states action without words, thoughts
without thinking; and a multi-dimensional, passionate plan.
A new form is born. It takes its space in light.
A finished piece.
A resurrection of an era-gone-by. 

photography by Jim McLaughlin