Flower (2010)In on Paper #1 (2010)Ink on Paper #2 (2010)Ink on Paper #3 (2010)Rooster (2009)
RACHEL COHEN lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, where she is earning her Master's in Creative Arts Therapy at Pratt Institute. She previously studied at Wesleyan University, earning a BA in English.

Her current work is informed by her studies in art therapy, and the journey of self-exploration that accompanies them. She uses various media to visually represent her current, temporal feeling states, and experimentation is therefore an essential component of her process. Elements of chance and intention are juxtaposed within each piece, channeling the reality of everyday life. Through visual representation she can reflect upon and better understand parts of herself, both unconscious and conscious, and allow the viewer to do the same. Her work is also greatly influenced by her love for literature, especially the works of 20th century modernism.