On A Perfect Day
      2010 46er Prize Finalist

I would sit in each corner of my house
and take in the view: sunlight on broken
chair, secret dust caked on stove-back, books
mingling, Shelley with Gilbert, the ladies
of Our Bodies, Ourselves with Democracy
In America, Khalil Gibran eavesdropping
from atop the Boggle box and shaking
his penciled head at the complexity
of it all. I would wear a dress and praise
the tulips with the pacing man next door,
and he’d grin and blow his smoke away
from their lovely fire, and they would last
forever, if just for the day. I’d make love
in the morning (though not with him) and fall
back asleep with the sun melting jewels
through the thin scarves on the curtain rod—
there’d be more scarves, from different
countries, and bread too, from Morocco
and Paris, and the butter would be soft
and cold and perfect on the knife—

SUZANNE LUNDEN recently moved from Vermont to New York City, where she will study poetry in Hunter College's MFA program beginning this fall.