Mame Coumba Bang Speaks to The Revolution 

​“She was here before religion, before Islam, before Christianity. She was here.” 
—Senegalese legend 

You were born from legend dear child. 
The fishermen learned of us first –

before plunder, before thirst, before
baptism, before suckling at breast,

there was me and you nestled in me. 
Formed first from salt and undertow

in my watery womb, you a caviar 
in my fleshy belly born in the sweet mouth 

of the river. You walked on water before men, 
you fish and loaves, called for offerings, given milk 

in droves. The sailors, travelers, foreigners learned 
to behave with gratitude else risk drowning. 

There was no god with dominion that made 
us goddess, who choose what you will accept. 

Seek not oblivion or rest, stop wading only
to walk the night as deceptive and dangerous

as the river ready to take more than you need.

ANGELIQUE ZOBITZ's most recent publishing credits include Sugar House Review, Glass: A Journal of Poetry's Poet Resist Series, Poets Reading the News, So to Speak: a feminist journal of language + art, SWWIM, Pretty Owl Poetry, Rise Up Review, and Mortar Magazine. Additional work is forthcoming in Psaltery & Lyre and others. 

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