dream where the dead boy becomes

the tree too like a ghost is gone 
its roots stretch thin now
fibrous   yet loud    persistent 
until it zeros into a boy dancing smoke
then becomes a boxroom in an old dusty house 
the corners of its inside blighted by moth - 
a continent of web i cannot enter
this is where i stand 
inside a lake foggy like a nightmare  
foggy like a prophecy where my
father rides shotgun into redemption 
his limp arms brown like manure 
his eyes    two dead stars    grey and still greying 
the opposite of death is not life 
it is hunger   fear winnowing through like a rush of wind 
the nerves of a fallen soldier surrendering to angst
his body empty    hollowed out like a tunnel 
he crawls across the rubbles of the old church 
past the cornfields    past the lake where history looks
on with blood shot eyes
the boy stands in place of the tree now  
his hair taking root In the clouds 
sucking sunlight 
his breath a single thread of light i cannot hold 

CHIBŲÌHÈ ACHỊMBÁ (formerly Chibụìhè Obi) is a queer poet, essayist and photographer from Nigeria. He is a 2018 Fellow of Ebedi International Writers Residency, winner of the inaugural Brittle Paper Anniversary Award, a finalist for the 2018 Gerald Kraak Award, and was recently longlisted for the 2018 Koffi Addo Prize for creative nonfiction. His works have been published or forthcoming in Guernica, HEArt Journal, Cosmonauts Avenue, Gerald Kraak Anthology, Gnarled Oak, Brittle Paper, Expound Magazine, 14: Queer Art, Mounting the Moon, etc. His poetry chapbook hallowed is forthcoming this winter in the U.S. from Damaged Goods Press. He is the co-founder and Arts editor of Kabaka Magazine.

ISSN: 1533 2063