Two Poems

I am going away again

straw hat calling
miles in my mouth

all the names for sleep and the saber
meander away from memory
stray past the face of the witness

ah a second arrival of light of ordinary pleas of low
bends from the waist

blue hyacinth and an infant

white-haired consequences

what we become

now I am within your reach
hungry for the fire branch

darkened and darkening still

            pine needles

            the purple finch

no one but us
kneeling under the canopy of leaves

we become the crouching exception

(ten years absent and still meddling)

we assemble along the dirt road
almost forgotten but for the gathering of vowels

CINDY SAVETT is the author of Child in the Road, a full length collection of poems, and three chapbooks, Battle of the Metal Kiss and The Story of My Eyes, and Rachel in the Temporary Mist of Prayer. Her poems have been published in LIT, The Marlboro Review, CutBank, 26 Magazine and other publications. She teaches poetry workshops to inpatients in several psychiatric institutions in the Philadelphia area.