The Missing
Missing from the house is her garden, which only promised; so instead there is a muddy hole under the shed for the dog to act like a pig. 

Missing also is his kegerator. There is a hole, too, on the other side of the shed—the custom bar made from an old railroad track; where a keg should go is a wasp nest—sharp-bottomed wasps elaborately swimming from PVC pipe through the blue air. 

She sits cross-legged on the porch and watches the house, identifying the missing more than once like sucking on a stone so it shapes to her mouth.

DANA MASDEN has an MFA from Colorado State University where she currently teaches Composition and Creative Writing. Her work is previously published or forthcoming in NPR, Third CoastThe Missing Slate, and The Cortland Review, among others.

The Adirondack Review
FALL 2016