Mosquito LarvaHydraFluorescent Plant SeedFreshwater Copepod in Polarized LightWater Flea in Polarized Light
DANIEL STOUPIN is a freelance photographer with a biology background. He has always studied organisms completely invisible to the naked eye, and developed a strong inclination towards microscopy and imaging techniques during his Master’s and Bachelor’s research work.  During the last year he decided to try photography through the microscope not for scientific purposes, but to deliver beauty of the worlds beyond the human eye. The first objects on which he focused the lens of a modern biological microscope were pond animals. Daniel also has passion for marine biology and hopes that in time he would be able to apply his skills to study marine biodiversity. At this moment he attracts our attention towards this alien-looking, but magnificent, world full of bizarre-shaped creatures so that we would become more aware of life around us. See more of his work at www.microworldsphotography.com