We Drink, We Steal
Climate scientists predict headlights will unhinge themselves from the teeth of cars
And scurry toward the ocean. It is possible:

             But before the hamburger stand, the beginnings of a cold war
             Over plots of sky. Our syllables like frozen plums are being flung.

                                         My cities’ clouds are better than yours,
                                         And something about sliced pickles.
We look at us in shop windows—England and America—
                                                              Our diamond kites abandoned to a drainage ditch.

England confettis our telephone bill on the argument toward home. She seasons
             The sidewalk with French-fries. She rolls ten cigarettes.

The loans are defaulting. Tow-trucks are crouching in the honeysuckle.

                           How do two countries pay for two apartments on one salary of imagination,
                                         Tell the good-looking lie,

Then kneel and collect the pubic hair behind the toilet?
EPHRAIM SCOTT SOMMERS was born in Atascadero, California and received his MFA from San Diego State University. A singer and guitar player, Sommers has produced three full-length albums of music and toured internationally both as a solo artist and with his band Siko. Most recently, his poetry has appeared in Afterimage, Barnstorm, Beloit Poetry Journal, Blue Earth Review, City Works, The Coachella Review, The Columbia Review, Grasslimb, Harpur Palate, New Madrid, Philadelphia Stories, RATTLE, RHINO Poetry, Rougarou, San Diego Poetry Annual, and Verse Daily. His work is also forthcoming in Paddlefish. He is the managing editor of Flashpoint: A Journal of Literature and Music, and he currently teaches creative writing at Western Michigan University where he is a doctoral candidate.