Interview with James Reidel, Fall 2003 Issue

James Reidel has published poems in The New Yorker, The Paris Review, TriQuarterly, Verse, The New Criterion, Ploughshares, Conjunctions, and other journals. His translations of Thomas Bernhard and Ingeborg Bachmann have appeared in The Greensboro Review, Artful Dodge, Painted Bride Quarterly and Web Conjuctions. He is the author of Vanished Act: The Life and Art of Weldon Kees, which was published this spring by the University of Nebraska Press. Read reviews of the acclaimed biography in
Interview by TAR's Colleen Marie Ryor.
James Reidel
Lee Upton
Interview with Lee Upton, Spring 2003 Issue

Lee Upton's fourth book of poetry, Civilian Histories, appeared in 2000 from the University of Georgia Press.  Her third book of literary criticsm, The Muse of Abandonment, was published by Bucknell University Press.  Her poetry has appeared in recent months in the New Republic, the American Poetry Review, and the Denver Quarterly, and is forthcoming in The Atlantic Monthly and The Harvard Review. Interview by TAR's Colleen Marie Ryor.
Photo: Theodora Ziolkowski
Interview with David Lawrence, Fall 2003 Issue

TAR interviews David Lawrence: former professional boxer, professor, and Wall Street multimillionaire-turned-jailbird (crime: tax evasion). Provocative and prolific, Lawrence lets us know what makes him tick and what ticks him off. Having had his poetry appear in such journals as North American Review, The Chicago Tribune, Hayden's Ferry Review, California Quarterly, and of course, our own pages, he's ready to share some of his more controversial work that has escaped publication as of yet, and talk about his theories as to why no one will touch it, what's wrong with establishment poetry today, and why he gave up writing novels and acting to write poetry. Interview by TAR's Colleen Marie Ryor.
David Lawrence
D. C. Berry
Interview with D. C. Berry, Summer 2003 Issue

D. C. Berry's latest book is Divorce Boxing (Eastern Washington University).  Interview by TAR's Colleen Marie Ryor.
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Interview with Lee Gutkind, Winter 2003 Issue

Lee Gutkind, founder and editor of the popular journal Creative Nonfiction, has performed as a clown for Ringling Brothers, scrubbed with heart and liver surgeons, traveled with a crew of National League baseball umpires, and wandered the country on a motorcycle — all as research for eight books and numerous profiles and essays. The former director of the writing program at the University of Pittsburgh and currently a professor of English there, Gutkind has pioneered the teaching of creative nonfiction, conducting workshops and presenting readings throughout the United States. Interview by TAR's' Kathryn Wagner
Interview with Ander Monson, Spring 2005 Issue

Interview by TAR's' Colleen Marie Ryor
Interview with David Rigsbee, Spring 2004 Issue

Interview by TAR's' Ace Boggess
David Rigsbee
Selected Interviews
Interview with Allan Peterson, Spring 2002 Issue

TAR's Ace Boggess interviews Allan Peterson, author of the recently released Anonymous Or. Recent print appearances include: Shenandoah, Fine Madness, Notre Dame Review, Marlboro Review, Rhino, Pleiades, Bellingham Review, Iron Horse Review, Amherst Review, and Southern Poetry Review. Allan has also received these awards: Florida Arts Council Fellowship in Poetry; NEA Fellowship in Poetry. Allan is also a visual artist and chair of the art department and director of the Anna Lamar Switzer Center for Visual Arts at Pensacola Junior College in Florida.
Allan Peterson
Interview with Ilya Kaminsky, Winter 2002 Issue

Ilya Kaminsky was born in Odessa, formerly the Soviet Union, and moved to the U.S. in 1993. He recently won the Ruth Lilly Fellowship from Poetry magazine. In 1999 and 2000, Ilya served as a George Bennett Fellow Writer-in-Residence at Phillips Exeter Academy. Current work appears or is forthcoming in The New Republic, American Literary Review, DoubleTake, Salmagundi, Southwest Review, Tikkun, The American Writing, Literary Review, and Mars Hill Review. Kaminsky also writes poetry in Russian. His most recent chapbook, Musica Humana, is available from Chapiteau Press. Interview by TAR's Colleen Marie Ryor.
Ilya Kaminsky
Interview with D. Y. Béchard, Spring 2006 Issue

D.Y. BÉCHARD was The Adirondack Review's French editor from 2002-2004. He was born in the mountains of British Columbia to French-Canadian and American parents, and has since lived throughout Canada and the United States. Vandal Love (Doubleday Canada, 2006) is his first novel. He currently resides in Montréal. Interview by Colleen Marie Ryor