When I Wake Up
I always write my name on the bathroom mirror
Using Crest or Gleam toothpaste

After breakfast
I write my name on the plate
With a red magic marker

Then I go over
And scrape my name in the ice & frost
On the picture window
With a butcher knife

All this exhausts me
So I go lie down for a nap
Hoping that dream will appear
The one with the letters of my name forever
Erased from black granite on that hillside
JOHN McKERNAN—who grew up in Omaha Nebraska—is now retired after teaching 109 years at Marshall University. He wanders hither & yon on his goat & broccoli farm visited nightly by deer when he is in West Virginia where he lives—mostly—and where he edits ABZ Press.  He has published poems in many places from The Atlantic Monthly to Zuzu’s Petals. His most recent book is a selected poems Resurrection of the Dust.