I would rather look at you than all the portraits in the world JOSHUA DANIEL EDWIN
and thank god Frank
O’Hara said it well
because when I pull
up the bucket of my voice
it always sounds as if
my love for you
were silt still lining
yesterday’s tea-mug,
dry-brown as the line
where high tide left
its last faint print,
when what I need
is the IKB slap
of Hokusai’s wave
to vocalize the swell
I feel watching you
read, type, breathe
right beside me
in light that spins
paisley patterns in       
your hair, reminding me:
a portrait’s sadness is
to outlive its subject.
JOSHUA DANIEL EDWIN studies poetry and literary translation at Columbia University's School of the Arts. His recent work appears in the anthology Why I Am Not A Painter, published by Argos Books.