I would lay my child-body long in the tall grass
half-hidden in green life,
surrounded by unearthly song pulsing from dove throats.

From their hut—a half-wild temple—poured
an anointing of milk and light;
language purling itself into some secret swirl of dust,

becoming shelter,
becoming transcendence, becoming
the marriage of earth and sky.

My body became better for what it found there:
The rhythm of flight and return,
the halo crowning pair and tribe,

and from my back the emergence of wings
buoyant and brightening.​

KIMBERLY NIYOGI was born in New York state, but now lives and writes in Easton, PA. She relinquished her career as a Social Worker to commit herself to poetry and motherhood. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Muhlenburg College, and has previously been published in Bottle Rockets, Chanterelle’s Notebook, Drown in My Own Fears, and can be found in the upcoming issue of The Penwood Review.