Animal, acrylic, pigment, plastic sheets on acetate, 72x36, 2013
Fray, Urethane, pigment and acrylic on snakeskin vinyl, 24”x38”, 2013
A Picturesque Tale of Progress, ink on digital c-print, 22”x16”, 2010
Cry Me a River,  ink on photo paper, 28”x19”, 2013
Super, Urethane, plastic sheets, pigment and ink on panel, 24"x18",2013
LIZ ATZBERGER was born in Columbus, Ohio and has a BFA from The Ohio State University as well as an MFA in Painting from The Tyler School of Art. Atzberger’s work has developed out of an experimental, interdisciplinary approach to process, material, and abstraction. The works mine the materials of consumer culture and take the form of painting, drawing, installation, and photography. Recent paintings and installations employ plastics, fabrics and other materials that are acquired from dollar stores and industrial sources. The industrial plastics arranged in a repeated pattern become gestural, forming color clouds and spirals and phasing through states of order and apparent disorder. Rather than simply an additive process, the works are full of erasures, revisions, blind alleys and spillages that result from a painterly mode of working, using uncertainty and doubt as a guiding principle.

Liz Atzberger has exhibited nationally and is a co-director and co-curator of “AIRPLANE,” an artist-run gallery space in Brooklyn. She taught at Florida Atlantic University from 2006-2012 and is currently a visiting instructor at Pratt’s Manhattan Campus.