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LOLA DUPRE born 1982 - Algeria.
In early 2012 Lola moved to a new studio in the south of France near Avignon. Previously she worked from the Chateau studios and then the Chalet studios in Glasgow, Scotland. Lola grew up in Algeria, Paris and London before moving to Glasgow where she has produced the majority of her work to date. Highly fractured and complex, her collage work represents her fascination with detail, the normal and the abnormal. Lola Dupre works with portraiture, editorial, commission based projects and collaborates with other visual artists. She is currently working with photographers on several upcoming editorial projects, a clash of art and fashion. Lola Dupre works exclusively with paper, scissors and PVA glue, her collage work is sometimes mistaken for digital manipulation but her work has always been grounded in traditional media. Her inspiration however includes the modern photoshopped collage, as well as people, nature and the work of her peers and accomplices. In 2011 Lola exhibited works in Los Angeles (Phoneboothgallery & CES contemporary), San Francisco (FFDG), Glasgow (Collins Gallery) and Tokyo (Vacant).