MARC NAIR is a poet and photographer from Singapore. He has published six volumes of poetry and has performed spoken word for over ten years in more than ten countries. His photographs have been featured in a number of exhibitions. His latest collection is Spomenik, a series of poems and photographs from the Balkans. Marc was the 2015 Writer-In-Residence at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore and is the co-founder of Mackerel, a culture magazine. |

These images were first exhibited at a group show called Repurposing Nostalgia in January 2016 in Singapore. Nostalgia is a space that is often inhabited by one. It is a singular set of memories built upon chance, place and time. This series of images pulls quotidian moments from the street. People are held by the camera's eye in brief moments, repurposing nostalgia as an ongoing act of memory.