Sulfur Cosmos
QI WEI FONG is an artist using photographic prints as his medium for expression. He is based in Singapore with 10+ years of experience with digital photography and image optimization.

Artist's Statement:

I strive to make art that captures the audience’s attention and engages them on a deeper level. Basically, I want to make art that hooks the “thinking part” and the “feeling part” of you. The artist, in order to create good or great work, should strive to ensure purity of message through various means, be it mastery of his medium or reiterations.

I have received awards in the International Photography Awards- the latest of which was in 2012, where my series “Exploded Flowers” was placed Second in the Category: Nature:Flowers.

I have held a solo exhibition titled “Brush Strokes of Nature” in Conjunction with the Singapore Fringe Festival in 2013 and also been selected for a finalists’ exhibition at at the SOCIETE GENERALE Gallery at Alliance Française de Singapour as part of the France + Singapore Photographic Arts Award 2012.

Some of my art pieces are represented in the United States by http://www.luxarchive.com.

I also have an online presence at fqwimages.com where you can see online galleries of my art.

I hope you will find my art engaging, in both the thinking and the feeling part of you!