The News Flashes, Another Badge Glints in the Sun and 
Nobody From Accounting Is Watching But Me

​My niece in front of the ramen spot, My nephew packing his bass into his hatchback, My nephew changing a flat after hitting a rock in the road, their mother, My poor sister, chewing her nails down with worry, My Momma leaving the casino with a black carton of Players in the crook of her arm, My Daddy picking up the dry cleaning, My younger sister leaving the hairdresser her doobie held by bobby pins, My baby sister walking her pit bull She She, My aunt stepping from her gray Cadillac SRX, her brother in law transporting cadavers, My two brothers in law making a run to the soda house, the brothers using the monkey bars to do chin ups, Miss Jones Eleanor’s mother, Miss Harris Laura’s mother, Miss Ann pushing a shopping cart with a five-pound bag of sugar and a box of Tetley tea to fill that big old pickle jar, Rakim home from college his parents picking him up from the bus station, Rakim home from jail his parents picking him up from the bus station, Shanika and ‘em, Pastor Reid, Miss Maggie’s boy, Running John, Lying John, Johnny O, Craig in leopard print capris, High School Sweetheart just over the George Washington Bridge, My cousins coming for Pokeno night with pennies in plastic baggies, My cousins’ cousins, My Momma’s daddy Sonny, My Grammie climbing the steps of the B38, My Grammie’s second husband dropping off his SuSu hand to his old job, Grandma Reesie walking us to the car and giving directions to Geno’s for a whiz wit’, Uncle Junior, Uncle Gerald, My grandfather, My grandfather’s grandfathers, dem babies. Me leaving a poetry reading.

Current poetry editor of Peregrine, the literary journal of Amherst Writers & Artists, RACHELLE PARKER’s work has appeared in the Tupelo Quarterly, Lips, Creations Magazine, The New Jersey Council of Teachers of English Journal, Paterson Literary Review, as well as the following anthologies: The BreakBeat Poets Volume 2: Black Girl Magic and Poeming Pigeons: Poems About Food. She is an Honorable Mention in the Patricia Dobler Poetry Award and the Allen Ginsburg Poetry Contest. She is a winner of The Fourth Annual Pat Schneider Poetry Contest and is proud to be a fellow of Tin House Summer Workshop Poetry, Willow Arts Alliance and Callaloo Creative Writing at Brown University.

ISSN: 1533 2063